Sunology Services

Astrology Reading

You astrological chart is run for your birthday, time and place. It is an excellent read of your personality and the types of energy you experience now and in the future.

Card Readings

A typical session includes both astrology and card readings. The Shustah cards are used instead of Tarot. You can find more about them on the web. Sharon's been reading Shustah daily for over thirty years and they reveal a great deal of insight in conjunction with the astrology chart.

Past Life Regression

These sessions are a spiritually guided remembrances of your past lives.  

Dream Interpretation

Understand your own dream symbolism and get insight into what your subconscious is saying to you. 

Relationship Astrology

 Your astrology chart and your partner's are read to determine your personalities, the way you are compatible, along with the conflicts you face. It will sound very familiar because the charts show these connections in detail. Knowing this information can help you to know your person better, as well as how to overcome challenges. This is helpful in any stage of erelationship.

REIKI, Meditation and Prayer

REIKI is an ancient Eastern approach to healing. Receive  REIKI in a peaceful place where you can ponder. REIKI master who provided doctor-prescribed REIKI and healing touch to hospice patients for more than twenty years. I don't charge for this.

House Clearing & Blessing

A clearing will give you a peaceful and harmonious vibration throughout your home. Shift the vibe in your home with a home blessing.  $60+travel.

Wedding Officiant

With over thirty years experience as a wedding officiant, Sharon offers religious, spiritual or non-spiritual services to couples of every denomination and orientation. Please contact Sharon here. 


What our customers write about us (Google reviews)


Sharon,. I went to Sharon as a bit of skeptic but after hearing her words I am a believer. She not only found things about myself to be true but provided hope for my future self and growth. She was brilliant and I now recommend her to all my friends. Add to this her Sunology theory and everything makes sense in the world. Joe

Jose T


What an accurate reading. She did not rush the session and took the time to explain each thing and how it relates to other parts of the reading. My daughter and 2 friends were visiting from Pennsylvania. We wanted to do something on this rainy day, so we gave Sunology Psychic and asked if she had time today, much to our surprise she said yes and in less than hour we were at her door. We all left saying how amazing she was and that my daughter and I will be a regular patrons of this establishment.!

Vicki G.


Thank you Sharon for your insight and wisdom. I find it remarkable how my relationships and interactions can be directly tied back to my chart and cycle. I learn something new about myself every time. I enjoy spending time discussing life, love, and eternity with you.

Kim W.