Astrology and Card Readings

New Ideas and Protocols for Wholistic Health and Spiritual Development

Sunology Card Readings & Astrology offers you insight into your life through psychic readings, using cards and astrology, as well as past life regression, REIKI and  prayer, house clearings, and other services. Sharon offers in-person and on the phone options, depending on the service. Readings are $1/minute and lasts as long as you like. If you have a question, it usually takes about 15 minutes and a full reading is usually about an hour. Schedule a reading.

Sharon's new fiction book, The Light Space in an Empty Hammock, is now available on Kindle! It is a story about two people on a cross-country adventure, both to attend a convention in California and in search of something new during the pandemic. From downtown Annapolis to Malibu, the protagonists encounter the clash of new and old mindsets and people who push them to surprising understandings. Written in an easy to read adventure novel format, it is a bit of a parody on The Celestine Prophecy....but not. Saying, the novel is the vehicle for offering an introduction to the ideas of Sunology. Do you know who you are? Learn the meanings of the thirty different steps of a cycle and find out where you fall within it.  Do you know where you are in your own personal thirty day, thirty month and thirty year cycle? Would it be fun to learn (YES!)? You should get the book!

The Sunology Spiritual Academy is a free library of spiritual information and teaching, covering a range of ideas around spirituality, including religion, philosophy, community, health and symbolism, as well as detailed information regarding natural order of progression (the foundation of symbolism), base systems, consciousness, and probably other things you haven't heard of or thought of before. It definitely supplements what is glanced upon in the novel. 

Sharon Moore

All readings are $1/minute.

Thirty years experience as a card reader, astrologer, and spiritual counselor. Master's in Divinity: Sancta Sophia Seminary and Bachelor's , James Madison University. 

Services Offered

Book your appointment  or call/text 410-271-4963

Card Reading 

In-person/ Remote

Your astrological chart is run for your birthday, time and place. It is an excellent read of your personality and the types of energy you experience now and in the future.

A typical session includes the astrology blended with a card reading. The Shustah cards are used instead of Tarot. Here you can find more about them. Sharon's been reading Shustah daily for over thirty years and they reveal a great deal of insight in conjunction with the astrology chart.

Past Life Regression


These sessions are spiritually guided past life reviews. They're helpful in understanding messages from your subconscious through their symbolic expression.

During the session, you are assisted into a meditative place where you allow your mental imagery to come forth. I ask you questions to help you observe more accurately.  After the regression, the memories are reviewed and discussed. This is about a 90 minute session and can only be done in person. 

Dream Interpretation


Dreams are symbols, too :). Dreams can reveal inner wishes or just let you know everything is going to be okay, on a subtle and frequently hilarious  level. Puns rule, in dreams! If you want to discuss a dream, please contact me via text or call. This usually takes about 20 minutes on the phone.

REIKI & Prayer


If you have pain , please email me to put you on my prayer list. I also send REIKI and do in-person REIKI. As a hospice chaplain, REIKI was a prescribed treatment, and I would give REIKI about ten times a week to various patients. I don't charge for REIKI but I do take donations.

House Clearing & Blessing


This service is to bless and clear your home. This is good when moving into a new place. It's also helpful in a Ghostbusters kind of way.

Wedding Officiant


I'm an experienced non- and post- denominational wedding officiant with over one hundred weddings officiated.  Pre-counseling session includes relationship chart readings. I live near Annapolis, Maryland. The wedding package is $500 or sliding scale.

Please contact me if you are looking for an officiant.

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